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VEC…The New Contender

VEC or Virtual Engineered Composites were developed by Larson some 10 years ago to eliminate the Polystyrene emission problem with open mold lamination.  Radically different form traditional open mold boat lamination, VEC set a new standard for uniform lamination boat hull construction in combination with the lowest emissions and highest environmental standards.

Traditional open mold technologies with the use of polyethylene or vinyl ester resins has been in continuous use for over 4 decades in various forms.  This methodology is still used extensively today by such boat builders as Monterey, Regal, SeaRay and Campion to name a few of the  more well-known high build quality brands.  The research and development of VEC technologies to transfer existing composite technology to marine usage was initiated over a decade ago.  The lead researcher on VEC application has been and continues to be Larson Boats.  The two main objectives of VEC development to boat building were to develop a means of replicating a very high repeatable hull lamination tolerance and to bring a higher environmental standard to boat building whereas the production of a VEC hull could be done in states with higher emission standards.  Like all new technologies there were some teething problems in the mid 2000’s but now the technology is sound, consistent and produces a very solid well-built boat hull with exclusive advantages.

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