Tom D Welsh Northern Exposure Gallery

Muskoka Winter Art

Muskoka is a magical place of rock soaring cliffs, still ponds, rushing waterfalls and rapids plus perhaps a thousand lakes.  Seasonal changes effect each an every aspect of the Muskoka landscape in a unique way changing hour to hour and day-to-day.  The quiet towering beauty of an old growth pine, the majestic white birch,  the soaring deep reds of a fall Sumac or maple tree and in the winter months Nature composes on this framework some absolutely stunning art.

In the Muskoka Art Gallery you can examine and contemplate simple but gorgeous landscape, frost, ice and snow.  Those going to Florida for the winter months perhaps are missing something!  All of the pictures were taken within 30 minutes of the Huntsville Marine property on Highway 60.  Don’t have to go far….a snow covered field, a simple stream, a quiet pond or bog, Algonquin Park, Ragged Falls, Bracebridge Falls or any trail….it is there waiting to be discovered!







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