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Looking for a bowrider, pontoon boat or fishing boat?  The marine business is not unlike the car business and most dare I say all major item manufacturer’s in that they have professional marketing departments that employ top marketing firms to get their product front and center in best favorable light for your buying decision. All boat manufacturers have what I call “spin” in their marketing.  Spin is the message to present or twist their boat and its attributes in the best possible light.  Twist the message on the not so good stuff and push hard on the strengths.


Some would call this inside boat buying information dangerous!

Boater’s Chat was an ideal born out of conversations with clients and boating prospects commenting on the lack of real boat buying information available for research in the bowrider, pontoon boat and fishing boat markets. Unfortunately almost 100% of the boat builder information on web sites and those glossy magazines are nothing more than life style advertising with nothing of real substance to base a significant buying decision on. Adding to that problem is marketing spin by boat builders and in some cases marine retailers that misrepresent the true value of boats versus competitive boats with regards to construction and boat building material quality.

Boat purchaser’s are to blame as well as they no longer demand or ask the right questions or know the right questions on build quality, component quality and build materials form salespersons and marine retailers presenting the opportunity for boat builders to substitute and utilize lower quality materials.  Boater’s Chat provides potential bowrider boat for sale as well as pontoon boat for sale and fishing boat for sale researchers detailed insider information to consider before they right that cheque.

The Boater’s Chat Articles can be blunt and to the point…not a lot of icing placed on the cake! If you take the time and put in the work you will be rewarded with a superior bowrider or pontoon boat purchase that maintains its appearance and continues to pride in ownership for a very long time.  There is at times so much bullshit piled on at “The Toronto Boat Show” for example,  that those working the show need a good pair of wings to stay above it and keep from drowning in it.  Get yourself some wings and become a knowledgeable buyer that can recognize the steaming pile and knows when to move on!

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