Princecraft Fishing Boat …A Good Choice?

Princecraft Platinum Edition 2021

Buying a Fishing Boat in Ontario?

When buying a fishing boat in Ontario should I choose a Princecraft Fishing Boat, a Lund or a Crestliner Boat? What about StarCraft or and Alumacraft Boat? firstly, just spending hours surfing boat builder websites can be confusing. Secondly, there is a real lack of depth in product information regarding for example the build process other than its great!

  • Made in Canada…Canada Proud…Canada Strong
  • Fixed Canadian pricing where by you know exactly what amount on delivery you pay.
  • Exclusive H36 aluminum construction process.
  • Also a proven history of quality designs and higher retained values.
  • Packaged with proven quality Mercury Outboards for maximum performance.

Consider US Dollar Exchange IN The Decision Process

This exchange rate fluctuates by the minute. As of today, is in the area of 1.34 or 1 US dollar equals 1.34 Canadian dollars. Whereas, the exchange rate fluctuates hourly, dealers have two choices when selling a US built boat.

  • 1. Fix the exchange rate. This path provides an exchange rate cushion if the value goes the wrong direction. ( Canadian dollar weakens versus US dollar)
  • 2. Accordingly, sell the boat to you in US dollars. Whereas, the buyer will pay the balance owing at the time of delivery in US funds. Consequently, the risk of an unfavorable Canadian exchange rate is the buyers problem.

The Canadian Dollar Falls in Value

Froe instance the situation is as simple as this. Family decides to buy brand X in the fall at a price of $50,000 US. Spring is now here and the Robins have returned! That boat buying agreement is now due and payable. Whereas the Canadian dollar has decreased in value by 2%. Your family must now dig deeper as the loan amount just increased.

$50,000 US x 1.34 Exchange = $67,000 in Canadian dollars

$80,000 US x 1.34 Exchange = $107,200 in Canadian dollars

$50,000 US X 1.36 Exchange = $68,000 in Canadian dollars

$80,000 US x 1.36 Exchange = 108,800 in Canadian dollars

The difference increases significantly as the value of the Canadian dollar falls versus the US dollar. Secondly, add in that the HST payable by the buyer increases as the Canadian dollar falls in value.

If your chosen dealer is requiring a purchase agreement be completed in US funds, your end purchase cost is at the mercy of market conditions.

What About Lund, StarCraft or Alumacraft Boats?

What About Lund Boats, StarCraft and Alumacraft Boats? These boat are all built in the United States and priced to the dealer in US funds.

What About Construction? Is anyone interested anymore? The lack of build information on builder websites is alarming. The trend is now that buyers generally think that boats are all the same in build. Price is price! Boat manufacturers have taken the position that the buyer is not interested in construction process. Therefore, we are not going disclose our build process. Consequently, when this situation comes into play, it allows builders to do shortcuts on build quality.

Boater’s Chat Pontoon Comparisions

Interesting that in 2019 the Boater’s Chat Pontoon comparison was posted and caused quite a stir. What followed…most of the available website construction information was removed. Huntsville Marine repeated the pontoon boat comparison with difficultly in 2020. Unfortunately, Boater’s Chat may not be able to update in 2021 as essentially all construction information has been removed.

Research…Check Out Recent Posts

In Closing

Research….The Advantage to The Buyer has decreased! Hard to make a decision on life style pictures. Watch out for the forums! Boat builders watch these and can react and participate if they chose to.

Most boat builder websites provide only minimal information with respect to how their boats are constructed. Why has this lack of information come about? The reason for this is buyers are not paying attention to build quality! Assumption is that all boats are equal and price is where it is at. Are they all the same?

Immediately below is a link to the build process of a Princecraft Fishing Boat:

And here is Princecraft Pontoons:

More to follow!

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  1. Really useful review! Thanks! My first boat was Lund, my dad bought it for me. That was a while ago. I have had a lot of different boats since then but wanted to buy Lund again. So I think it is a sign. I also own a web directory about boats. Would you mind if I add your article to my directory?

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