Return of The Ice Ages

Weather warning for the Huntsville/Lake of Bays and Muskoka area.  We have a low temperature weather alert for these areas on October 9,10 and 11. Temperatures may fall to a low of -5 on Saturday night and only a high of 2 degrees during the day…ouch!  Anyone with an inboard boat, sterndrive, inboard outboard powered boat on land and not inside is at a high risk at these low temperatures of freeze damage to these types of marine engines.  Outboards will be fine with the exception of any outboard with significant water in its lower unit.  All boats presently moored in the water with the outdrive in the water should be fine due to the lake water still having sufficiently high temperature to act as a protector.  Boats out of the water in boat houses may be at risk…lower the boat into the water.

If you have concerns move the unit either into the water or an heated space or have the engine drained.  Many Mercruiser engines have a temporary quick drain manual system to be used in these type of conditions.  Refer to your owners manual.Tom D Welsh High Falls Muskoka

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