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The Waterfront Starts to Rise From the Ashes!

The process of repairing the significant damage to our waterfront has begun!  Huntsville Marine has contracted Pipefusion of Huntsville to build new floating docks for the gas pump rental dock area and they are under construction.  The picture shows the start of the commercial grade 24″ diameter pontoons just starting to have their saddles installed.

The people of Pipefusion have been great to work with and we have had lots of help from Chris the manager!  We hope to start cleaning the mess in mid June and have this section fully operational by late June.   There will still be a huge amount of work to complete which will take into mid July.

Thanks to our customers for their understanding

2 thoughts on “The Waterfront Starts to Rise From the Ashes!

    1. Thank you for your comment and no we did not experience a fire at the marina. Most of our property problems in the last 3 years have been due to very high lake levels in the months of late April and early May. As a result of this damage we have invested over $350,000 in our waterfront property and docks since 2014.

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