Spring Tides Have Receded…Spring Boating Considerations

Finally the spring water surge of April 21/22 have receded and we once again can stand on dry land.  Water level is close to summer normal…..but the high waters have left lots of debris and a sea of mud!  It is going to take a few weeks to get this last flood cleaned up.  One 40 cubic yard bin of float sum and jet sum and counting.  New docks, new board walks and yard work underway….the race is one as the 24 weekend is just a couple of weeks away.  If you have not booked out of storage…I recommend you do so soon as the lists are building fast.

Spring boating is finally here….time to start enjoying our beautiful lakes and rivers….not much better than a great day on the water with family and friends!  Early season fishing, a sunny day cruise or for the adventuresome some cool watersports…..it is all good!.   Coming out of its winter coma, proper spring preparation is very important for marine investment…it is like a bear coming out of hibernation…scraggy, perhaps smelly, and definitely needs attention.  Those of you who chose to use Professional inside Storage services….you can sit back as boat hull condition is not a problem.  Outside of a really good clean up and a hard coat of wax on all outer hull fiberglass surfaces, the engine, battery and fuel system all need service to provide worry free boating in combination with increasing lifespan of electrical mechanical systems.  All stern drives, inboard outboards, true inboards or four-stroke outboards need an oil change and oil filter change as a bare minimum but require more than that.  All fuel filters including the water separating fuel filter should also be replaced.  If your boat does not presently have a water separating fuel filter,  with the ethanol blends we have now, I would not delay an instant and get one installed.

Ethanol fuel blends continue to be a source of problems for cottagers….ethanol absorbs water and boats are in a wet environment.  Those Jerry Cans are a significant source on water ingression into your boat as they are a condensing water magnet. Starting the season with a new water separating fuel filter and new fuel filters it can make a difference. Any questions on service…give us a call..we will be pleased to assist.

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