Spring Boating 2015

As we enter into April and we are officially now in Spring….still a little white and lots of ice in Muskoka.  When is the ice going…my date for ice clear in Fairy Lake is April 27th.  24 years out of the 29 at Huntsville Marine it has always cleared in Fairy lake between the 20th and 27th of April and this year we are going to make it.

For the boat business it is going to be an interesting retail year.  With essentially all recreational boats for sale in Ontario being manufactured in the United States the devaluation of the Canadian dollar versus the US greenback has added thousands to the price.  As of today versus the same point last year the difference is in the region of $1500 to @1800 more per $10,000 of retail price.  For those of you in the market very little new 2014 left in Ontario at the reduced exchange rate.  Huntsville Marine still has a few 2014 Cypress Cay pontoons and Crestliner fishing boats at a great price.

Campion Boats which is the only major fiberglass boat builder in Canada is in a better retail position as they are purchased in Canadian dollars and US based components make up some 50% of the build so the increase has been substantially less.  Huntsville Marine has made a special purchase of 545 Allante SE powered by a 200 HP Volvo V6…great deal if you are looking for high quality family 18′ bowrider.

Huntsville Marine will have a major announcement coming shortly…stay tuned for details.

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